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 Application for GFX Team

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Graphics Team

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PostSubject: Application for GFX Team   Sun Dec 28, 2008 12:56 am

Name[First And Last]: Duyen Nguyen [Sydney]
Age: 13
TimeZone: Pacific
What can u do for us: I can create banners for both the site and the forum ~
Who/What have u worked for: ForeverMS
Anything else you'd like to tell us:
-I try to work on banners whenever i have the time to; which is every so often .
-I try to fit in all the active(or requested) players in each banners .
-I'd like to to see other people's work and see if there's
anything else that i can pick up or improve on . [not as far where i would end up copying their style]
-Thinking about coming back to the server (for ideas on banners)
-Will be able to come on 2-5 hours a day
-I`ve been here ever since the beginning of BLADEstory ? <--is that necessary? lol
-iDraw . -attempting to learn how to color- >__>;
-I don't brag . You won't be expecting that at any time . TYVM .
-Also attempting to learn how to animate banners** o-x

Show us your work:
*Remedy from v.55 was used as an example
*i could have done better x-x
*'Show us your work' was created at the last minute because unfortunately,
Serenity was being a faggotron and wasn't expecting a 'Show us your work' <--Idiot (:

@KYLE : ''Hey Duyen, o.O, Hey i think someone is faking you on BladeStory [v.62] the name is Seduction but a male o.O, well Come back! +D"
~~lol i`m thinking about coming back Kyle (: and no worries , i doubt anyone's trying to 'fake' me . Maybe he just had a
liking to the name ? -shrugs-
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PostSubject: Re: Application for GFX Team   Sun Dec 28, 2008 10:02 am


Welcome To The Team!

Thread Locked.
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Application for GFX Team
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