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 @callgm command

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PostSubject: @callgm command   Sun Dec 28, 2008 9:49 am

I am releasing this because @callgm doesn't work on bladestory.Moogra did add it but removed it at rev 16 I think.
Add this in
else if (splitted[0].equals("@callgm")) { 
                mc.dropMessage("You have successfully ask a GM for Attention");
                            StringBuilder sb = new StringBuilder();
                sb.append(" Wants Your Attention");
                WorldChannelInterface wci = c.getChannelServer().getWorldInterface();
                try{wci.broadcastGMMessage(null, MaplePacketCreator.serverNotice(5 , sb.toString()).getBytes());} catch(Exception ex){}
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@callgm command
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