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PostSubject: R>LeftBehind   R>LeftBehind EmptyTue Dec 30, 2008 11:04 pm

Welcome, to
LeftBehind.. we based our name on the one and only game

R>LeftBehind L4d-left4dead
LeftBehind, was based on Left4Dead... Why you ask? Well in my opinion i enjoy the thought of Zombies chasing after you.. and getting the chance to
SMASH THERE FILTY HEADS OFF. I had the idea of, why not add the basic's of that game into BedTimeStory[Best Server Ever]? LeftBehind, has evolved over the basic times from ChocoMS,BladeStory and now BedTimeStory, the guild has stayed Forever live long, and wise. We evolved from Forever,BoysLikeGirls, iBoobies, and now LeftBehind, i forgot the other guild i had name it. LeftBehind has strived to stay alive and fight against RiseAgainst, and Royalty for honor and glory into this long lasting guild. We will flourish and strive to stay long for the time for when or will the BedTimeStory will last, or continue on.

Our Features:
In LeftBehind We Will Try Our Best To Help the players of BedTimeStory. We will help in no time whatsoever, we have the idea in the back of our brains that careness will make best of friends... so why not use that method to earn it. LeftBehind gives you teh chance to interact with GameMasters in the guild. Maybe in time when [GM]Donuts aka Kyle has time for the members he will hold event for only members, but not events giving advantages to others. LeftBehind has the strength to compete and hope you will take us to the top and give honor to this guild.. throught out the rought of gone. LeftBehind has the idea of being Single, left behind into the dust, without a caring, a nobody, outcast. Because of this idea we want this concept to flourish our past and help the future.

LeftBehind's Rules:
-Help a player when there in need no matter what.
-Keep Honor and Respect to the guild
-Loyalty is the key
-No Abuse
-Love others and other will love you back.
-Respect Others
-and More.

R>LeftBehind Left4dead_logo
R>LeftBehind LeftBehind2

LeftBehind's Motto : Against All Odds,
What this means is that even if life, or the server gives up on you, this means you shouldn't, fight faith and win.

We Wish you have a fun time and enjoy your time with LeftBehind [ Left4Dead ]
Or Join If You Haven't

Join and earn the respect you deserve, and love.

Sincerely Kyle,
From the GraveYard of Zombie, Full Of Love, Kyle.

R>LeftBehind Banned-1
Mess With Me and You Will End Up Like the Guy.
R>LeftBehind Left4deadbts
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R>LeftBehind Donuts
By Me
R>LeftBehind LeftBehind2
By Me
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PostSubject: Re: R>LeftBehind   R>LeftBehind EmptyWed Dec 31, 2008 3:40 pm

Oooooooo Oooooooo Me Me Pick Me!

Sorry...Im just bored, but i will join next time i get on.

Very Happy
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