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 [GM]Donut's Signature Gallery

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[GM]Donut's Signature Gallery Empty
PostSubject: [GM]Donut's Signature Gallery   [GM]Donut's Signature Gallery EmptyWed Dec 31, 2008 10:06 pm

I Decided to post up work i was proud and not proud of.
All of these art works have been made be me, no one else. Copyrighted is ENFORCED. To take any of these pictures will have permission from me. These works have been made by GIMP 2.0 and Photoshop CS3. All Programs are copyrighted not by me but the company themself. To get these art programs use a search engine such as "Google" all my brushes are found on other websites. If you want some brushes just leave a PM to me. All of these signature have been made from my heart. They aren't as good as Chihiro's or Seduction, but it never hurts to try right?

Proud Work:
[GM]Donut's Signature Gallery Left4deadbts
[GM]Donut's Signature Gallery Donuts
[GM]Donut's Signature Gallery LeftBehind2
[GM]Donut's Signature Gallery RX-7pixel
[GM]Donut's Signature Gallery BMW_M3_E92_GTR
[GM]Donut's Signature Gallery SigR35-1
[GM]Donut's Signature Gallery EvoSig
Not So Proud Of:
[GM]Donut's Signature Gallery SigEvoanimation
[GM]Donut's Signature Gallery RXsig
[GM]Donut's Signature Gallery MustangSig
[GM]Donut's Signature Gallery DriftCitySig-1

If you want a signature made by me go visit, my thread Kyle's Signature Shop" and request for one.

I Will continue to make signatures to improve my GFX skills for use in the future.

FLAME SHIELD IS ON~ Flame All You Want Or Give Me Pointers.

[GM]Donut's Signature Gallery Banned-1
Mess With Me and You Will End Up Like the Guy.
[GM]Donut's Signature Gallery Left4deadbts
Newest Work
[GM]Donut's Signature Gallery Donuts
By Me
[GM]Donut's Signature Gallery LeftBehind2
By Me
[GM]Donut's Signature Gallery DonutsBleachSig
My Signature Store
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[GM]Donut's Signature Gallery Empty
PostSubject: Re: [GM]Donut's Signature Gallery   [GM]Donut's Signature Gallery EmptyWed Dec 31, 2008 11:29 pm

Oooooooo Shiny Cars....!
Laughing Laughing Laughing Laughing Laughing
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[GM]Donut's Signature Gallery
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