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 Leecher(s) COMPLAINT!

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Leecher(s) COMPLAINT! Empty
PostSubject: Leecher(s) COMPLAINT!   Leecher(s) COMPLAINT! EmptySat Dec 27, 2008 1:39 am

Ok. So my cousin was leveling today in FM 22 ( this is when it actually cost mesos to summon ) and as she was killing her Anego, someone started to use a couple Brandish hits on the Anego to leech off some levels. My cousin asked him to leave but he wouldn't leave. So I came in and asked too, but he started talking very rudely to me. I'm not saying any names right now unless you need the name but then he started saying how I(Blah) leech off of GMs.

I'm sorry for this rant but I just hate when people leech off bosses without asking or saying sorry for doing so. It really irritates me! Evil or Very Mad

-Joey (ign : Blah)
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Leecher(s) COMPLAINT!
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